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Personal statement

With reference to my education, In 2016, I have graduated with a BA Hons Media and Communication from Birmingham City University as a confident specialist. I am expecting to secure a 1st class degree mark in the Master’s degree course in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management that I am currently pursuing. Since I am interested in the application of my knowledge and skills in practice, I wish to progress by acquiring more experience in the professional production environment. I am working towards pursuing a career in media, communications and marketing, where I will be able to realise my potential as a specialist and producer.

I consider the power of representation very important. This is a mode in which I have acquired considerable expertise. As a media entrepreneur owning a record label and having an interest in working in media industry, I have developed a proper professional portfolio web-page and blog in addition to two record label websites that I am in the process of experimenting with.

As a founder of the record label, I am responsible for delivery of its services as well as the successful transfer of the label’s production to the market via publishing and distribution to all major sellers and streaming platforms. I am currently working on expanding my business towards creative media production and digital marketing enterprise. I am also developing one concept into an innovative application technology with a view to delivering it to the market.

Skills & Endorsements

I have a good understanding of the online media platforms and can produce work in a digital format with ease. I can create a website, explain how information systems are used in media for storage, analysis, communication and presentation of information via digital media. During a number of projects that I have participated in, I have gained interview, acting and technical skills needed for participating in video shooting, editing, and production process. I’m qualified in analytical work as well.

I am experienced in music production and mixing as I have worked with native instruments audio production programs such as LogicPro X. I am well educated in music theory and programming and understand the radio format as much as niches. I am well aware of the trends in this industry while also being focused. Additionally, I am a classically trained musician, with the ability to perform on the piano. My repertoire reflects my extensive knowledge of music in all its facets.


I have been participating in the organisation of various social events such as festivals and concerts. Also, I have been actively working on media production for music industries. As a result, I have established my own record label.

Firstly, in 2014, with my fellow students, we established DHD Records label, as a part of which we were promoting and recording an artist signed to our label and organising a House Music DJ event. This was also a label launching party that was followed by other events.

Later, alongwith other students, we organised a media festival that was held on 6th of May 2015. The festival comprised dance battles, rap rivals exhibition, art therapy exhibition and a live TV chat show.


In May 2015, we organised another media spectacle promoted by BCU students. The event was aimed at anyone interested in the media industry and wishing to pursue a career in it or in fact study Media and Communications (BA Hons) at Birmingham City University and presented upcoming student projects and ideas.

Another project I organised myself was a music event organisation. It was a music concert held on the 9th of July 2015. Various UK music artists performed at the concert that was aimed at attracting students and local young audience representatives.


The final production project undertaken was the establishment of MXM Records label, which is a digital format enterprise that operates as an online platform on the website – The main focus of the business is music production that is promoted and distributed digitally through the online web. As part of the business, MXM Records also provides services such as Mixing, Mastering, Sound Design and Live performance. The company also works as a promotion platform, which includes publishing and distribution.

The record represents the Electronic genre. This record represents quality and talent. Thus, as it was seen to deserve wider recognition, we decided to distribute it worldwide through the most of the major online music stores.

Here is our EP release on iTunes:

Why am I interested in a job in media production?

I have experience and knowledge of media production from both academic and practitioner perspectives. Moreover, I am currently developing my own independent record label – Cosmovibes ( Cosmovibes is both business-to-consumer where the focus rests on analysing audiences behaviour, my competitors and business-to-business while selling our music production, sound mastering, promotion, marketing, distribution and other services.

Currently, the company is a start-up and requires strong viability and branding, thereby increasing its value and raising its profile via publicity. As such, learning new methods of effective communication to the audiences is highly relevant.

While studying Media and Communications course at Birmingham City University, I have established myself as a specialist in the particular field, which is media production. Entrepreneurship was integrated into program curriculum to a great extent, and this was reflected in the effort expended in organising trial enterprises. Also, I gained invaluable skills when I was working at the advertising department of the largest concert promotion organisation in Baltic, namely Makroconcert. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management is a key focus in the MSC program I’m studying now.

Entrepreneurship and strategic thinking have always interested me. Currently, while working in the music industries field, I am also looking forward to expanding my horizons by gaining insights into intellectual property management, particularly in publishing and distribution. Strategic thinking and understanding of niches and consumer behaviour is a decisive factor in the success of any franchise, especially in SMEs, such as Cosmovibes. I consider analytical tools very helpful in research and analysis, in particular, qualitative and quantitative analysis. Although empirical data gained through the primary research is necessary, secondary research is also an important part of a study for every student. Using questionnaire methodology, for instance, has enabled me to carry out both kinds of research to inform design as well as administering of questionnaires. Additionally, Political Economy theory is always an appropriate framework within which to relate my praxis. Throughout my studies, at the BCU I have been taught to think with close reference to theoretical perspectives and in a methodical manner, which has helped me to approach every researched subject critically and analytically. Across my studies at Loughborough University, I have also developed the ability to innovate and create, which are vital qualities for my chosen métier as a media entrepreneur in the contemporary music industry.


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